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“The Bible Is My Crazy Uncle” began to roost in my head a few years ago when, during a Bible study in the church I serve, somebody asked, “What do you do with this crazy Bible passage?  Why is it even in the Bible?”  I think it was the story of the prophet Elisha getting heckled by a bunch of kids who called him “Baldy.”  Elisha showed them.  He called a couple of she-bears out of the woods who tore up 42 of the children.

What do we do with a crazy passage like that?  There are certainly lots of them.

For many years, I have studied family systems theory, first from Rabbi Edwin H. Friedman, then from others connected to the Center for Family Process after Dr. Friedman’s death.  One of the most powerful concepts I learned from Dr. Friedman is the life-transforming effect of family of origin work; that is, the task of visiting the most difficult, strange, or emotionally distant relatives in one’s family of origin or extended family, and connecting with them while remaining a self.

It occurred to me then.  What happens when we approach the most difficult, strange, or culturally distant passages in the Bible, the record of our faith ancestors’ evolution, as family of origin work (Foo-work, for short)?  This blog, and the book in development, The Bible Is My Crazy Uncle, is what you get:  Or, Bible-Foo.

I hope you have as much fun reading and joining the discussion as I’m having on this playful, historical, and cultural journey of discovery.

Oh yeah.  Fridays?  Something different, something fun, some craziness from the news or from my own sometimes warped sense of humor.

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