About Neill Morgan

Welcome to my Crazy Uncle blog.  I’m Neill Morgan, a reader, a writer, and a Presbyterian minister.  I’m a husband, a father of four daughters, a grandfather of twin granddaughters. We have twin grandsons on the way.  This blog, and the upcoming book of the same title, reflect my interest in the darkest corners of the biblical text and family systems theory.  Reading Rabbi Edwin H. Friedman’s book, Generation to Generation:  Family Systems in Church and Synagogue, stripped scales from my eyes.  While it first changed the way I look at human behavior, families, churches, and the challenge of leadership, it also changed the way I read Scripture.  Herein is my mash-up of family of origin work (especially Bowen and Friedman) with some of the craziest uncles on our faith-family tree, biblical writers, translators, and editors.  I hope you enjoy it and join the conversation.

One thought on “About Neill Morgan

  1. Cynthia Rigby says:

    Dear Neill – Thanks so much for sharing your genogram of “Abide with Me”! It is so helpful. And I have the added benefit of seeing your blog. Really great. I’m teaching “Abide with Me” to a class later this spring, and will definitely send them to your work on the book on this blog. Thanks so much for posting, and for participating in the GoodReads club at Austin Seminary. It was really great conversing with you and hope our paths cross “in person,” sometime. Take are and thanks again!

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